Tycor UPS Systems Inc.™ offers 35 years of manufacturing and sales history of high quality products used in all industries around the world. All voltages and variances in KVA, KW ratings are available.

Tycor UPS Systems Inc.™ offers personalized service with assured quick positive responses.

Tycor UPS Systems Inc.™ offers “No Hassel” 2 year exchange warranty.

Tycor UPS Systems Inc.™ provides $10 million dollar Liability Insurance coverage.

Tycor UPS Systems Inc.™ provides for local service should the need arise.

Tycor UPS Systems Inc.™ provides OEM/ODM pricing.

The Tycor UPS’s are the only emergency power products you will require as they protect your attached loads (electronics). Tycor UPS products are designed with filters on the input to the UPS to protect the UPS electronics and filters on the output to address the noise created by the loads prevent loop-back power aberrations. The AC power supplied to the loads is conditioned, noise protected (filtered) and consistent at all times.

Power Line Filters – Electrical Service Entrance, Sub Panels, PLC and ESE Filters

State of the art filtering technology to protect PLC power supplies and standard single/three phase electrical systems from noise, surges, and spikes.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Tycor offers a wide variety of UPS systems ranging from 120v, 208v, 480v and 600v. The UPS’s are isolation transformer based and are true dual conversion true on-line solutions. Various voltage configurations, VA, kVA and runtime configurations are available.
Galaxy IGalaxy II

Emergency Lighting Inverters

Approved for the emergency lighting industry UL924, CCMC, BMEC. For single and three phase applications. 120v, 208v, 277v, 347v, 480v and 600v configurations available. kVA ratings from 3kVA to 60kVA. Tycor ELI products offer a high efficiency design and many features including true galvanic isolation.